With proper rabbit care rabbits make charming companions

Rabbits are intelligent creatures and owning a rabbit can be very rewarding. However, rabbit care requirements and needs are many and varied.

Rabbits are social animals and they need contact with other rabbits and/or human companionship. Being left on their own or alone in a hutch all day without contact will lead to them becoming bored and depressed.

This site helps to show what a rabbit's diet should be, how to handle a rabbit, how to pick them up, when to groom, when to stroke, what type of living environment they need and the importance of exercise to a rabbit.

There are other issues of care that can be researched on this site by the various links.

With proper rabbit care you will need time, space and be able to afford those vets costs when things go wrong.

If your rabbit is a house pet, you have to be able to litter train them. If you intend to have two or more rabbits together you need to know how to introduce rabbits to each other.

The correct diet for a rabbit is extremely important to avoid certain ailments, but is quite straightforward and easy to maintain once you are aware of what a rabbit can eat and what you should NOT feed to them.

It is also necessary to understand the importance of having your rabbit spayed or neutered and what vaccinations are required.

Keep Rabbits Safe Page

Rabbit's teeth grow continuously throughout their life. They need to be worn down to avoid pain and discomfort. Care and attention to the teeth can save going to the vet, saving you money and the rabbit pain.

Equally, rabbit's nails will need cutting and attention paid to them.

The importance of the rabbit's digestive system can be greatly under-estimated and needs to be fully understood.

If your rabbit is a house pet then lack of exercise may not be an issue, but if the rabbit is kept outside in a hutch then the rabbit needs to be able to exercise properly.

Keep your rabbit safe in the cold winter weather

Understanding a rabbit's behaviour will help, not just in realising when something is wrong but also in knowing when the rabbit is trying to communicate something to you.

If an outdoor rabbit, positioning of a rabbit's hutch or accommodation, and making sure the rabbit has a secure place to retreat to, along with the type of bedding, are all important.

The condition of the rabbit's fur may be an indication if something is wrong, such as fur mites and in warm weather you need to check for flystrike. There can be internal parasites as well as external and being aware of such matters can usually avoid them happening in the first place.

It is important to know what your rabbit needs and once they are given proper rabbit care, they will make loveable, amusing and enjoyable companions.

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