Rabbit help, advice and things you should know before buying a rabbit

This rabbit help page is particularly designed for parents who may be thinking of getting a rabbit for their child or, indeed, anyone who is thinking of getting their first pet rabbit.

Owning a pet rabbit has many rewards and plenty of people are surprised how intelligent and loving a rabbit/s are, but you need to know all that is, or can be, involved.

If you're a parent, you want to know the best breed for your child. Then there is the cost of looking after the rabbit, the diet, the home, what to do if the rabbit is unwell and so on. Having a pet rabbit is no different from a cat or dog in many respects. They all need attention and loving care.

Below is a list of all the items you can check on before making the final decision.

When to buy and where to buy a pet rabbit

What do I need to know about how to care for, and feed baby rabbits?

What is the best breed of pet rabbit for my child or me?

Also try our 'Rabbit Forum' page where this is discussed.

If you are looking to buy a Lionhead rabbit or wish to know more about this breed then we suggest that you also visit Lionheadrabbit.com, a site dedicated to this breed

Regardless of which breed, every rabbit is different and to say one certain breed is good for children is not correct. Read about each breed on our rabbit breeds page to help you make your decision.

There are no definite rules but please bear in mind 'small' or 'mini' does not always mean good for children and with any child under a certain age, there should always be adult supervision with rabbit care.

Where to and how to house your pet rabbit, will the home be indoors or outdoors?

What should you really feed a rabbit so that it stays healthy and well and does not give you too many care problems?

Rabbits are best bought in pairs, when young, as they need company. Or perhaps you just want to buy one, maybe add a second later? Take a quick read!

What injections will my rabbit need and at what age?

What operations or medical procedures will my rabbit need and at what age?

If I am letting my rabbit live indoors, in the living room/s, how do I litter train the rabbit?

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