Wild Rabbit

by Tricia
(SW Florida )

Hi...hope someone can help. About 10 days ago we noticed a small hole dug in our backyard.

Didn't think much about it. We have a couple dogs and this is the area they go out in.

late that night we got home and took the dogs out. There was a bunny sitting in the hole. She did not want to leave. Stayed right outside the dogs reach. The hole stayed empty so we figured she decided to go elsewhere. Well...three days ago in the morning I noticed the hole was covered. I checked it and it was nicely packed with grass and then covered. No fur though.

My question is...is it likely she is going to have her babies here? I'll have to change where I take the dogs out for their safety. I have had a pet bunny give birth but not sure the nesting habits of wild rabbits.

How soon before birth is it typical for them to build a nest? Is there another reason for her to fill the hole? Hope someone can help me figure out what may be happening.


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