wild baby rabbit as pet

by lena
(taranaki, new zealand)

hello all!
my dad found a wild baby rabbit after my dog killed what we assume is the mother and sibling. i think he is about 4 weeks old.

we decided to keep in inside for a bit so the cat or dog don't kill him, and i put him in a medium sized cage in my room with hay, grass, veges and water. last night he ate all the food and has made a small nest in the hay.

would it be cruel to keep him as a 'pet?' i am aware that wild rabbits will never act domesticated but is he old enough to really care whether he prefers being in a cage or free?

if i let him go its likely he will be killed by the cat or dog, or will be shot as a pest when he is older. but i want him to be happy too.

if we keep him he would be put in a very large rabbit hutch outside, or a slightly smaller one inside.

thank you if anyone can help!


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