Why has my house bunny changed its litter tray training habits?

by Claire


Our male house bunny who is nearly five, has always been fully litter tray trained since a very early age. He has the free run of our lounge but goes back to his cage (which is in the same room) to use his litter tray whenever he needs the toilet.

Over the past few months, however, his habits have slightly changed and I'm not sure why. He still uses his litter tray but also goes to the toilet in other places around his cage, which previously he never did.

More worryingly, he has taken to using an area of our lounge not far from where he likes to sit to use to urinate. We can't understand this and are wondering if he's just being lazy and going in an area close to where he likes to sit rather than running back to his litter tray, or is he ill or maybe it's an age thing.

I don't want to introduce another litter tray outside of his cage since he's never needed it before, or keep him confined in his cage when we're not around, but it's really frustrating. I'd appreciate suggestions from anyone who has experienced the same thing. Thank you in advance.

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