What type of rabbit do I have?

by Nina

My mother gave this rabbit to my son last weekend and has no idea what type of rabbit it is. All she knows is that it came from a farm setting, is between 3 and 5 months old, and the parents look like "regular bunnies".

I have not weighed it on a scale yet, but my husband and I figure it is between 7-9 pounds right now. In these pictures, you can see that it is a large rabbit with my husband being the one holding it (in the one picture) and that it is just a hair longer than two kitchen floor tiles when it is not even stretched out all the way.

I know nothing about rabbits, but from what I have read I have been feeding it the pellets and lettuce (romaine) each day along with unlimited amounts of alfalfa and boy it sure eats a lot (way more than I expected).

The cage that it is currently in is too small for it, so we let it out everyday for as long as possible. My husband and I were talking about building it an indoor pen, but I want to figure out what type of rabbit it is and a potential size so that I do not end up having to build a second pen later on.

The rabbit is of course nervous around us, as it is new to us but does fairly well. It hates being in it's cage. The sudden movements of my 8 year old and 1 year old scare it sometimes, but seems to getting used to all of us rather well (it only bit the 1 year old once on the first day).

It is very curious and fun to watch. IF anyone can help with identifying the type it is and any more useful instructions for rabbits that would be great.

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