What is THE best rabbit breed for children

by simon

I am thinking of getting two rabbits for my children and have read on this site about which breeds are good for children and which may not be as good.
But was wondering what THE best breed might be?
Would be interested to hear from others experiences

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Aug 30, 2014
worst breed NEW
by: Anonymous

I will not buy another Netherland dwafts. She bite me all the time even after spayed. It was her last year or so of life that she actually became a good bunny. By then no one in the family wanted anything to do with her.

Aug 16, 2014
not netherlands
by: Anonymous

I would say a holland lop they are cute and cuddly the mini lop is good as well but the best is the flemish giant but there big but cuddly and docile. A rabbit is what you make so handle it a lot and get it used being loved on since there kids good luck

Aug 16, 2014
by: Anonymous


Aug 16, 2014
by: Anonymous


Jun 11, 2014
Netherland dwarf is great
by: Anonymous

my netherland dwarf loves to be picked up and petted, unlike other rabbits. They do not shed and mine is very patient and cuddly.

Apr 16, 2014
worst and best rabbit
by: Anonymous

The worst rabbit is the netherland dwarf I'm a rabbit breed of severel rabbit breeds nethetlands attack and bite its rare if they are not scared mean hiper rabbits the best are flemish giants, holland lops, and mini rex rabbits I know them all very well they are like little dogs and affectionate cudly breeds

Mar 04, 2014
Holland Lop Rabbit
by: Anonymous

Can anyone advise where i can get one of these from in West Yorkshire?

Feb 23, 2014
Best bunny breed for children
by: Anonymous

The best breed of bunny for a child is a holland lop . They are very small and active bunnies . They are very lowing and good natured . They weigh in between 2-4 pounds , I prefer bucks over does just because does are more dominant and bite more than bucks . Holland lops in general are very sweet and loved to be loved on and like to ply and cuddle with their owner . A holland lop would be the bet bunny for a child .:)

Sep 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

Is mini rex bunnies good for tweens because I want a bunny so bad

Aug 13, 2013
best breed of rabbit
by: Anonymous

I strongly believe that the best breed of rabbits for anyone is the mini lop. They are a small to medium size so they don't eat as much as larger breeds, but are still very loving and playful. I own two mini lops. Both love attention and one even follows everyone around (even my large dog).

Aug 10, 2013
Best breeds for tweens
by: Anonymous

I am eight years old and love everything about rabbits. I want to find the right breed for me. Our house is not large but I have my own room and we have a backyard

Jul 09, 2013
Britannia Petite
by: Hayatudeen

Britannia Petite breed are more hyper and hip more than other breeds and they require especially careful handling because of the delicate arched body type they are good breed for children.

Jun 06, 2013
by: Poo

I am looking for a good breed of rabbit that is friendly to children

Apr 09, 2013
Rabbits being left alone
by: Anonymous

Not sure what you mean by being left alone. For how long? And where? in the garden/shed/indoors?
It is definitely a bad idea to leave a single rabbit alone for long periods as they love company and, in my opinion, even if rabbits are in pairs , it is not that good an idea, if you are talking about long and regular periods of being left alone.
If the rabbits have each other for company, then it all depends on how long you are talking about and how often.

Apr 07, 2013
Which rabbits can be left alone?
by: Anonymous

I am thinking of getting a rabbit and I would like to know which breeds are good being left alone (in pairs) but love a cuddle?

Feb 17, 2013
Rabbit Breeds.
by: Sandra

Rabbits have different personalities even within the same breed. Instead of looking for a particular breed, I would look at a shelter and look for a particular personality.

I have three Tans and ALL have very different personalities.

Jan 13, 2013
Rabbit size
by: Anonymous

Smaller rabbits can be very vulnerable to oover excited children who love cuddling ( squeezing) their pets, often unintentionally harming them !
Why not try one of the larger breeds such as a Flemish Giant ?
Thye are a much more docile and less nervous animal too.

Nov 18, 2012
Rabbits and children
by: Anonymous

I have read that because rabbits are not keen on being picked up and cuddled they may not be great for children. However I had them as a child and used to sit in their pet house for hours with them climbing on to my lap for strokes. I personally think that the slightly larger lops are good as they are soft natured. Best of luck. Look forward to seeing pics in the future!

Jun 30, 2012
best rabbits
by: Anonymous

I think that dwarfs are really cute, and the best ones to get, they are also good with children, as they are friendly rabbits!

Jun 03, 2012
The Best Rabbit Breed

Hi I think Mini Lop Is The Best Rabbit Breed, and they are really cute.

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