What Breeds are my two rescue rabbits?

Male - labelled American by shelter

Male - labelled American by shelter

Male - labelled American by shelter Female - labelled Mini Rex mix by shelter

We just got these two rabbits, 5 days ago from the Humane Society - I labelled the two pictures with the breed evaluation by the shelter vet, but I'm not sure if they are correct. So I'm interested in their correct breeds, if it can be seen from the picture. Jimmie, the white and black one, has velvety fur. Susie, the brown & white one has slightly bristly hair - one leg and foot is brown and the other is white. For some reason, I'm thinking Dutch might be in the mix, but I am no expert. I have no idea what an American breed blue/white is...The age is up in the air, but I am guessing 9 months to 1 year - and they were spayed/neutered about two weeks ago. They were found roaming the streets. Jimmie is litter trained, but Susie is not. I'm wondering if they were "Easter" gifts, but for whatever reason, they were both abandoned. They are both around 4 pounds right now. Thanks, Susan

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Dec 02, 2013
Amy's analysis NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you SO much, Amy. We have no idea whatsoever, although, our vet did mention the Netherland dwarf possibility in a mix...Several people comment on the brown one that she looks almost like a wild rabbit, but obviously that cannot be the case because of her weight...I was wondering about the brown one, whether an agouti coloring would describe her at all? Susan

Dec 02, 2013
your two rabbits NEW
by: Amy

We have had rabbits looking very much like the two in the photographs and both were a mix of Netherland Dwarf and another breed.( one was a Netherland dwarf and English spot)

The one with black and white patches actually looks more like a Netherland Dwarf mix than the other one.

Hope this helps

Nov 12, 2013
new perspective from vet today NEW
by: Susan - owner of the rabbits

Our vet, who formerly was a rabbit breeder, said the two rabbits, who weigh around 5 pounds, will probably not get bigger than that...Susie - the brown one: according to the vet - she thinks that she might be part Holland dwarf and then mixed with another type of rabbit. Jimmie - the white/black one she thinks is Mini-Rex mix. Any other thoughts, anyone? Thanks, Susan

Nov 11, 2013
my guess at the breeds NEW
by: Susan - owner of rabbits

I believe the shelter mislabeled - Jimmie (white/black) looks & feels to me like a mini Rex. Susie (brown) looks like pictures of the American Chinchilla and like those in a pet store my husband was at Saturday. Of course, I am not totally sure, and that's why I could use some opinions. Thanks, Susan

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