what breed is my rabbit?

by Ben Fletcher


Our rabbit's name is Gizmo, we bought gizmo and her sister from a lady and the lady said they are 2 years old but don't no the breeds.

Lately she has been really agressive towards her sister but they have always been close siblings and never attacked each other but gizmo attacked her sister not long ago, since then she has been biting me and making nests in her cage.

She has formed a big dulap around her neck but we haven't noticed any fur in her cage. From the pictures ive given you can anyone tell me the breed if her and what's your opinion of her aggression please?

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Jan 07, 2017
Cocaspaniel!! NEW
by: Rabbit wombat fever cocaspaniel unicorn dolfin walrus btw ur an idiot!!!

It looks like a cocaspaneal to me its very cute though u could use wombat spray its like a charm gal xx

May 28, 2016
Polish NEW
by: Thlu

She looks like a polish cross to me. The color is Blue Vienna Mark. Female rabbits often become very territorial and hormonal once they hit breeding age. If you want her to calm down you can either try spaying her or breeding her. Changing to a feeder where you don't have to open the cage helps too (so she doesn't associate fighting you or other rabbits away with getting rewarded by food). This behavior is very common though, it's why I recommend bucks to new rabbits owners.

May 28, 2016
Bunny love NEW
by: Catt f

Do you have the rabbits spayed ? I'm telling you this will work wonders. 2 females living together get extremely territorial. Spaying also adds extra lives to the rabbits !!! They have less of a chance of developing intestine cancer. Without spaying there is an 85% chance of a female rabbit getting cancer. As for the breed I don't know. But what a cutie. Xo

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