What breed is my rabbit? (Vet doesn't even know)

by Alex
(Australia )

I Found this handsome fellow injured and have been looking after him for the past few weeks. Not sure how old he is, but the vet has estimated the age around 8-9 months. Vet was unable to determine breed and told me my suspicions of him being an English spot rabbit were incorrect as he is the wrong shape and size. Maybe he could be a cross bread?

I'm hoping someone could help me out!? Would appreciate it so much!

Thanks, Alex!

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Jul 24, 2017
New Zealand Rabbit NEW
by: JV

Definitely a New Zealand rabbit. I have a male that is virtually identical. They are often all white with red eyes, but also come in various other colors minus the red eyes. The white with another color is called "broken" for some reason. Do a Google search on New Zealand rabbit photos, and you will invariably find ones nearly identical to yours. Good luck with it, they make wonderful pets. I've had 3 different species of rabbits as pets, and the New Zealands are the "Golden Retrievers" of the rabbit world. Wonderful temperament,very friendly, communicative and intelligent.

Jul 24, 2017
by: ALEX

I forgot to mention that he lives inside with me and was only in the outdoor cage for a few minutes to take the photo.

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