what breed is my rabbit and any suggestions on a friends rabbit please

by Emily

I believe my rabbit is a mini rex as she has the soft coat but I have not been able to directly decide which kind of mini rex she is or if shes a cross.

She is roughly the same size as a Dutch maybe a little smaller. white with almost symmetrical back markings either side with a black line going from just under the base of neck to just above tail.
Behind her ears there's a lovely vanilla brown colour.
Her forehead is a little grey with black, her ears are black, the rest of her face is white but around her eyes is black and on either side of her nose it is black again almost symmetrical and both sides of nose have the same sized vanilla brown dote.
Her pupils have always had a slight blueish tint to them and the colour around is a dark brown.

vanilla is about 3 years old and lived all her life on her own. The pet shop said she would not settle with others, however when a friend looked after her for a week she had a lot of fun playing with their two rabbits separately, she got along most with the female and would play tag or eat together both relaxed and friendly with the other.

I have also found since playing with another bunny she has been less grumpy and much more pleasurable to be with like when we first got her as about a year ago when I started college and had less time to play with her, cuddle and sit in the garden with her she got very grumpy, started bar chew and was generally being a pain.
She was better in the holidays but no where like she was, but after playing with a bunny she was like before so I think she wants a friend but no idea on what breed to get.
I know I have a big enough cage as the cage its self is ok for two large rabbits with a bottom run, I have then attached more to give a bigger run.

Comments for what breed is my rabbit and any suggestions on a friends rabbit please

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Sep 03, 2013
rex rabbit's companion
by: Anonymous

Believe it or not introducing rabbits can be tricky. Ideally both should be neutered (to stop territorial aggression) and they should be introduced in a place where neither has been before. Once they have been settled (no fighting/humping/chasing) for at least 48 hours you can introduce them to where they will be living. This would need to be neutralised by washing down with a mix of water and vinegar to stop the rabbit whose home it is getting posessive and attacking the new comer.

Your rabbit sounds really pretty.

Good luck getting her a friend. Rabbits love company, as you have noticed.

Rescues will often have neutered rabbits available and can bond for you. Best of luck.

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