what breed is my bunny?

by Stella

My female rabbit is about 2 months now, and still looks small. Her mother and father were both a big breed of rabbit, but her father has some dwarf background. I would like to know what breed of rabbit she is please, or anything close enough. Her name is marshmallow. She is small compared to her siblings and I can carry her in one hand still.

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Oct 17, 2013
my rabbit
by: marie

wate breed of rabbit do I have I want to know now

Sep 09, 2013
rabbit breed
by: Anonymous

Marshmallow looks rather like my buck, Snowflake. He is half dutch and half lionhead, both are quite small breeds. Snowflake is about one and a half kgs.

She still has time to grow more. Should be fully grown by six months. That is also when most vets will spay does. This is a good idea to help prevent uterine cancer (over 80% of un-spayed does get this disease). Then you could get her a neutered male friend.

She is a lovely looking rabbit. Best of luck with her.

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