what breed is cindy? :/

by anna

hi! this is my bunny cindy :) beautiful isn't she?😍 she's five month old white fur all over with light/dark brown around the eyes (like eyeliner) with ears of the same color and a dark brown line on the middle end of her back. her fur is the soft medium length kind and her body shape is semi arched i think? I'm not sure she could be a dwarf/mini tho
I've been searching up all rabbit breeds trying to figure out which one she is but she seems to be a mix of a few? if you guys could help me find out I'd appreciate xxx ☺

ps: she's not sick she's sleepy in the pictures it's 6-ish pm lol

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May 01, 2021
Breed still unknown
by: Anna

Hi!! I love the fact that your bunny is like mine awww :') unfortunately i still haven't figured it out completely but I've heard that the closest breed would be English spot but probably mixed with another breed..
@oreothemcfurry on Instagram is also similar to ours

Apr 28, 2021
by: Anonymous

I have a rabbit and his name is Leo, he looks quite similar to ur Cindy he just doesn’t have the black mark near his back, and I’m wondering if you know her breed yet because I’ve been searching for days and I can’t figure out his breed reply anytime you want :)

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