we screwed up! (its our first rabbit)

We got our first rabbit, and along with it- some bad advise on feeding. Sooo... for the last week, we've been TOTALLY feeding it incorrectly- lettuce, fruit, beans, carbs.... the rabbit has not begun showing any signs of gi stasis until tonight, she seemed a bit uncomfortable at times. What now? How do we correct a week of improper feeding ????

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Oct 08, 2016
Hope they dont get sick! NEW
by: Anonymous

cant really give any info to help. My 7 and a half year old english spot almost died from improper feeding. Be careful!

Jul 22, 2015
Feeding your rabbits
by: Derek

i have a male and female which is now netrert after giving birth to 6 babies. 2 and a half on my diet to them is broccoli and celery in small amounts,hay and green leaf hand full when chopped up and 1/4 slice of multigran brown bread every night with fresh water and a treat of nibble sticks. now and again the get bits of the top and bottoms from carrots and watercress leaf and nothing else. All the rabbits that i still have that have not been rehomed love this deit and get exercised for an hour each day as they are house rabbits. They are all well and never showen an signs of an illness. These rabbits are long looped eared so it may vary on the type of rabbit as no expect. Hope this helps.

Apr 11, 2015
grass and hay, gradually
by: Anonymous

Hi, bad advice from well-meaning ppl happens - and not just with rabbits!!
Anyway, I'd say, don't panic, get your bunny a nice supply of fresh grass or hay and gradually introduce it to him (her?)
I got mine from a pet shop where they fed them pellets of dubious origin ONLY - I swear they were made with corn! - and switched them over to a mix of grass, veg and pellets (since they were used to the pellets). When the pellets were done I bought a better quality mix, and feed it to them occasionally. I went back to the shop and saw the bunnies eating newspaper in an attempt to get fibre. Poor guys!

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