Thumping in the night....

by Tedster

Hi all,

I have a gorgeous British Giant named Teddi, she is a house rabbit and has full run of the house (except at night) and a small hutch (without a door) in the living room, usually this is where she sleeps.
At 5am this morning I woke up to a loud banging noise every few seconds, I came down and opened the living room door to check on Teddi and she was thumping in the corner of her hutch, completely terrified! when she realised the door was open she ran for it, up the stairs and straight under my bed.

I decided she could stay there if she felt safer so I shut the living room door and went back to bed. she has slowly come back to herself over the course of the day but has been extremely needy just following me around wanting strokes all the time, and she wont go anywhere near the living room, I have taken her in here now and I'm sat with her to try and reassure her but she still seems quite freaked out.

I have looked everywhere for something that could have scared her and there is nothing in the room, also the curtains were drawn so I don't think she could have seen anything outside. What could have freaked her out so badly?

I'm just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences and how you dealt with it? I'm reluctant to leave her in here over night in case she gets upset again.

your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks :) x

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