Thinking of getting a giant rabbit

My partner and I are thinking of getting a giant rabbit, I have a few concerns / questions before we do.

We have a dog at home and need them to get on so asking for any advice on how to introduce them. We have a lovely pit bull type terrier who is dosile and always friendly, he's 8 years old but acts like a puppy most of the time.

We also both work roughly 9-5 Monday - Friday and during early stages bunny would need to be in a cage until we can trust both bunny and puppy get along unsupervised and then bunny would have back room and kitchen for the day with puppy until we are home.

Can anyone offer advice on giant rabbit breed suitable and how to introduce them?

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Jul 28, 2018
Dog help NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a shepherd who absolutely loves my bunnies. I did have the bunnies first though. But to introduce them we worked on first not chasing them when they were in their enclosure. We then leashed the shepherd and allowed the bunlets free range to play and had the shepherd just chill if she got up to chase we corrected her and made her lay back down. After a few weeks we totally trust her with the rabbits. Si don't have a giant breed of rabbit so i think it was pretty hard for her to get over the "you can't chase this" phase. Hopefully having a bigger kid helps. But slowly and steadily we found works best for introducing most dogs to other animals especially prey. And reaffirming every time they're out that no we can't chase. We can sniff and kiss but no chasing. Hope this helps with introducing your dog to your new friend.

Nov 07, 2015
Big Bunnies Hold their Own
by: BP

I own a female British Giant. She is territorial and will fight off foreign cats to protect our minilops, she even comes to the back door and thumps to let us know that there is an intruder (cat) in the yard. But in general, she is not aggressive and loves to be petted and held. She is intelligent and knows her way in and out the back door when she comes in for a visit and will often knock on the door if she is hungry or wants some attention. If you get a baby, they will generally hold their own once they reach @ 1 year and are adult size. If she grows up with you and the dog, they will probably get along fine, but have her spayed early to avoid any aggressive behaviour developing during her adolescent phase and be sure to supervise early interactions. Boys are more territorial and often more aggressive, so probably not the best match. We have a wild male flemish giant that spends each evening in our front garden and we have set up a dog house for him. He loves to be petted and is constantly marking his territory. He allows us to pet him, but only when he is good and ready and he always wants to be the dominant one. When we ask our girl to go back outside she does, whereas the boy stomps his foot and does a couple of laps before he leaves.

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