Due to the scent-glands on their chins, rabbits rub their chin on things to mark their territory - "I've been here; this is mine". Humans cannot smell this.

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Aug 18, 2016
So true; can be used to become trusted to them.. I rubb my hand under their chun and get the sent on the back of my hand in an upward motion like licking from a mother rabbit or cat NEW
by: fuzzy lint

I use this to my advantage to be trusted by the mother in handling the babies. I make sure the sent is on the back side of my hands as well as the front so the mother smells a mixture of me and her on the bedding and the kits. wash your hands with unscented soap and with wild animals I use something near by like the sand or grass to wipe before touching the mother until she gets use to me. I also befriend the animal by rubbing the sent in an upward stroking on the sides of the chin like the mother would do cleaning, this gains family rites. combine this with back muscle rub or a light bite on the tip of the ear and on many on the inside of the back leg where it meets the belly, a light fur pulling like you are cleaning and your in as family. On the babies and new animals I gently blow in their face so they know my breath this also is a bonding that works on all animals and if they do not like the smell you are out or they could tell you you are getting sick by their reactions.

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