Spayed, bonded rabbits suddenly fighting in their new enclosure! HELP

by Kat

Hi everyone,

I have 2 female rabbits who are sisters and have been together since birth. They have recently been spayed and although they spent the first 3 days in small cages next to each other they spent the next 7 days in a large indoor rabbit cage together with no problems.

They have spent the last 3 days in the cage and with free run in the conservatory with no problems, happy as larry, grooming each other etc all normal.

Today they had the all clear from the vet that normal activities could resume so I popped them in to their new outdoor enclosure (we have recently moved house and have built a large run area in the garden which they haven't used as they were recovering it does have their old hutch in which they haven't been in since the day they went to the vet to be Spayed (3 weeks ago).

They started off fine in the run but they have started fighting and ripping lumps of fur out of each other and going for it! Very aggressive.

I have brought them inside and in the living room (where they often have free rein in the evenings) and they are lying down next to each other happy and like nothing has happened!!

What is going on?!?!? what should i do?!?!

Thank you

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