Socializing young rabbits

by Missy

I have acquired 2 young (6 week old) bunnies. Both were handled some as little kits, but they are still skittish. Definitely don’t want to be held or even touched much.

Both parents were calm pets. Our bunnies are housed in a large enclosure that we can walk into. We sit in there several times a day and they will come up to us a little and one will take treats from our hand.

I really want these babies to be gentle, well socialized pets.

My question is: should I be a little more proactive about gently picking them up and holding them for short periods so they can get accustomed to it, even though they don’t really love that? Or just wait —will they get more accepting of touch if I continue just sitting in here? I feel like I need to be able to hold and touch them for health checks, etc if nothing else.

Advice appreciated!!!

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