Separating baby rabbits

by Tulsi
(Pembrokeshire, Wales)

At what age should I separate my rabbits?
They are 11 weeks old and will be neutered when old enough.
They were sold to me as two girls but I think one may be a boy... They get on so well together.
What would be the best way to house them if I did have to separate them for a while?
They are in my bedroom (fenced off from the bed as they loved to use it as a litter tray)!!! They have a 150cm x 75cm (5' x 2'6")indoor cage as their base. Thanks

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Feb 19, 2013
separating baby rabbits
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your responses. The wabbits are now both neutered and happily back together. Frosty had started to mount and chase Snowflake so I separated them. One in the cage and one in the area of the room where the cage sits. Iswaped them regularly and gave them supervised together time each day. They both went to the vet to keep each other company during their respective neutering ops and so that they would smell the same. Its great to see them together no more chasing or mounting. They were both boys in the end!

Feb 17, 2013
Separate Immediately
by: Sandra

I would separate now. Rabbits can actually breed as early as 12 weeks. I would separate all until they have been neutered/spayed and then rebond if you plan on keeping them all. Mine were all easily rebonding (took 3 days) after being separated until their neuters and spay.

Dec 01, 2012
thanks for your comment
by: Anonymous

Hello Steve. Thanks for your comment. They are now 12 weeks and will be going to the vet for their pre neuter check up in a couple of days. The baby rabbits page was very helpful and the baby rabbits look very like mine!

Dec 01, 2012
Seperating Baby rabbits
by: Anonymous


You should separate your two rabbits, at the very latest, before 5 months, since from that age they will be able to breed. It is very difficult, even for a vet, to tell the sex of a baby rabbit, so you need to wait a little while on that one. Either way, because they have been bought and raised together, once they have been neutered/spayed, they should get on fine.
If you go to ' Bay rabbits' page on this site, I think all your question will be answered.


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