rescue yes or no?

My husband is a landscaper, & he came across two baby bunnies in the flower bed of a home. They have dogs, & cats, so didn't seem safe. He didn't see a nest, or a mother, & only the 2 siblings. He just felt they weren't safe. He brought one home, & coworker took the other. Did some internet research, & pretty sure they're a New England breed o cottontails. The eyes r open, & fully furred, bout the size of a small tennis ball.Think bout 6-10 wks old, but will it die without the mama? Gave it cabbage, & water for now, but just seem frozen. Don't wanna over traumatize it, or overstimulate it. Would like to keep him, but wanna do what's best. Does anyone have any suggestions, &/or advice for a first timer. I'm very much an animal lover, & have had many, of various breeds in my life, including gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, and even a chipmunk. But this will be the first rabbit, & I wanna do the right thing, even if means not keeping him. Thank you!

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Jan 19, 2015
Stress NEW
by: Melanie Evans

Seems like it might be stressing? Or was it not eating? This is a sighn of stress you can calm him down by keeping him indoors and seeing to him every few minutes he will surely settle down and if he is 10 weeks old then he is well and truley not drinking milk anymore rabbits stop drinking milk when they are 8 weeks old. Make shure you brush him and see if you can find some food. If he takes a liking to a sertin type of food keep giving him that because you no he likes it and won't starve make sure you don't have any cats or dogs about at the time or he will stress again and might have a heart attack. It's best if you keep him and help him get back to health thanks for saving a life of a bunny your a true hero

May 25, 2014
keep or sell NEW
by: Anonymous

keep in mind that it will live a better life with you than in a shelter.Another thing you can do is sell it to a family who has had experience.

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