Recent changes in my bunnies life

by Lang Goodsell
(Sydney Australia )

Hi, I have had a rabbit for about 4 years. Recently she went blind. Around the same time I rescued another female bunny. Both not de-sexed. I took great care introducing them over weeks and they sleep in separate hutches. They seem to have bonded quite well and hang out sometimes although the new bunny humps the old one a bit.

The problem is that the blind bunny has become increasingly naughty about going into her hutch at night. They free range in the garden all day but have to go in at night as we have foxes etc. Her behaviour has really deteriorated over recent weeks and is causing both of us real stress trying to get her into the hutch. Any help greatly appreciated,

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Nov 04, 2014
seeds! NEW
by: Rowena (Vic. Australia)

What about a bed time treat? Our rabbits free range when we are at home (alternating the buck & doe as they aren't nuetered since we breed them) & my children usually put them to bed with about a tbs of mixed seeds (barley, sorgham, canola, sunflower) that we keep in a large plastic container with a handle & spout (&lid) so all we have to do is go into the garden & shake the seeds & call the bunny eg "Bilko, seeds seeds" & they come running. Bilko actually stands on his hind legs & begs now! When we rescued him 2 years ago he was so thin we gave him a piece of wholegrain bread each morning too, so he also understands the phase "breaky bread", and "milk thistles". Our doe is a bit more interested in apple cores so bedtime usually includes the day's fruit and veg peels - even our 4 week old kits know my son coming out at dusk means they will be getting yummy things & they all rush to the edge of their cage!

Jan 10, 2014
Response to anon
by: Anonymous

Dear anon,
They are both female, but thanks may still help.

Jan 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Well I definatly reccomend spaying or neutering one or both so they can be together without breeding. When you have a bonded pair it's normal for them to want to be together. I have a blind male myself and the only reason they arnt together is because although my female is desexed when I adopted him he was too old to go under the sergery.
Rabbits commonly live in family groups although you do see them alone.
You may want to consider the desexing :)

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