Rabbit Trio Bonding Difficulties

by Bailey Brouwer
(Elkhart, IN USA)

I have two rabbits (Babs and Boomer) who are bonded and I got another rabbit recently (Bean) and I am trying to trio bond them.

Boomer is the second rabbit Babs has been bonded with and she has never shown aggression towards him. They were bonded after 1 and a half days.

When I brought bean home and put his cage next to theirs Babs started grunting and looking like she wanted to lung and nip Bean. And she tried to lung and nip her partner Boomer a couple times, which she has never done before.

Bean is about 1/4th the size of Babs and I am afraid she is going to hurt him if I try bonding them.

I did put them in a bathtub together once and she did lung and nip at him and showed aggression.

I wonder if I should start with stress bonding first?

I have tried bonding her in a trio before when she was with her other bonded partner before Boomer and she never showed aggression towards the other rabbit.

So, basically all the sudden she is being aggressive and I'm not sure why.

Any help please

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Apr 19, 2021

by: stephen

There is a page on bonding on this site that may help
If you go to the side navigation bar and click 'Training/Introduction' then when on that page, you will see a link to 'introduce a new rabbit'
Some notes on this page may help

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