Rabbit help needed, change in behaviour

by Dan

Hi everyone,

I need some urgent advice, I have a 9 month old bunny named Daisey, me and my wife have noticed changes in her personality and eating habits the last week.

She used to be full of energy running around the house and binkying and she always loved getting her bowl of veg in the morning but the last week she has become lethargic and doesn't leave the back room even though all the doors are open to roam the house.

She is turning her head at her veg tables, every now and then she will eat a handful, she was still eating her hay and pooing, we took her too the vet for a check up, they checked everything and said she was fine health wise and it could be stress or maybe a change in the house has caused this change.

We can't think of any changes we have made, the vet gave her a shot to increase her appetite, it worked for that one day but then the rest of the week we had the same issue so yesterday we took her back and a different vet checked her over and said health wise she is fine but we have noticed today she hasn't eaten any hay

She has pooed only a little and has nibbled on a piece of apple and celery, we've picked her up and moved her to the living room but she immediately runs back to the backroom, what should we do? 2 vets have said she is fine health wise so we feel stupid about calling up again, any advice? We feel she might be depressed

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Apr 05, 2021
by: Sam K

I just want to add that if she is currently drinking, eating hay and pooping nice dry pale brown poops.. it may be that you are feeding her too much veg of too great a variety..
Celery and apple arnt that good for bunnies long term, nice as a treat only. They are too wet, high in sugar and can produce clumpy, dark, sticky poops, not good.
Grass, herbs like coriander, parsley, kale, spinach, chard are great for bun. The green leafed veg :)
Dandilions, plantain, baby hawthorn leaves, ash tree leaves, hazel leaves, apple leaves all good.
Too much supermarket veg can cause stasis, bloat symptoms x

Apr 05, 2021
Could be Stasis/Bloat...
by: Sam K

Its very odd that 2 vets say she's fine if she isnt eating or pooping.
That, to me is a clear sign of Stasis... blockage in the stomach/bowel area.
If she cant pass poo she wont want to eat and it can be fatal if not treated.

Did they discuss the possibility of Stasis with you?
Personally i would seek the advice of another vet and suggest the possibility of Stasis to them.
She obviously isnt fine.
Research Stasis in Rabbits and see what you think, but it sounds like it to me.

I hope the vet checked her teeth too.. if they have tooth pain they wont eat.
Water and fresh hay is very important to balance the digestive system and control tooth growth.

Too much fresh veg and not enough hay can also cause stasis, bloat.

Sorry i cant give more advice, but your vets dont sound very "rabbit savvy"

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