Rabbit has jaw injury

by Nicola

My poor bunny was spooked by a dog recently and literally ran itself into its bars on is cage and got stuck. We managed to release him within seconds but since then just hasn't been the same.

I have taken him to the vet twice since the accident, the vet didn't think he had done much damage although couldn't rule out a fractured jaw. For a few days Splodge wouldn't eat anything so had special food mix from the vet which was liquid form but he advised to try warm water in his normal pellets which I did and he ate the lot. Gradually over the week he has been eating more, I have seen him graze in the garden and eaten leaves but he still doesn't seem back to himself. He is active around the garden but also spending periods laying down on he side which he doesn't normally do.

If anyone reading this can give me any ideas on what I should do I would be very grateful as I just want him back right again.


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Sep 29, 2018
My bunny had a run-in with a dog and I'm not sure if his bottom drawers broke or busted both of his front teeth but he will not eat for 3 days now NEW
by: Jeri

I'm scared I'm going to have to put him down because I cannot figure out what else to do his he won't eat I'm trying baby food he's lethargic losing his mind because he hasn't been able to eat I've been trying to feed him baby food he doesn't want to take it I've had it for about 6 years and I don't know what else to do

Jul 11, 2013
by: Nicola


Thank you so much for your advice just wanted to let you know that splodge is now back to full health, it seems he just needed some time for the bruising/swelling to heal, hopefully an experience we won't have to go through again.

Thanks again
Nicola :-)

Jul 08, 2013
Let us know the outcome
by: Anonymous

Yes absolutely agree - find a vet which has good rabbit knowledge - 'phone them first to find out, you should be able to tell

Jun 21, 2013
jaw injury
by: Anonymous

You should take him back to the vets asap. If your not happy with your existing vet, then try another one. Without seeing the rabbit it is hard to know but the rabbit may be in pain.Rabbits do not show they are in pain until it is too late.

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