Rabbit grinds her teeth

by jenny

Our Netherland dwarf sometimes grinds her teeth. Is this good or bad thing?. How can we tell what it means and what should we do? Thanks

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Nov 03, 2012
Rabbit grinding teeth
by: Steve

Hello Jenny

When a rabbit grinds its teeth, this can be either a good or bad sign.
Rabbits grind their teeth when they are content or feeling comfortable and happy. But they will also grind their teeth when they are in pain.
There is a difference in the way they grind the teeth. The grinding for contentment is more of a purring, whereas the pain grinding is more pronounced.
The best way to tell, is simply stroke and pet your rabbit. If the grinding then starts, you can be sure it is because he/she loves the attention.
If however your rabbit is grinding its teeth while he/she is on his/her own in the run/room/hutch then is more likely due to pain. One of the more common reasons for this pain are teeth problems, but there can be other reasons!
A visit to the vets would be a good idea

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