Rabbit doesn't trust me anymore


My bun Daisy is about 2 months old. we had been getting along fantastically. She was really starting to trust me.

Two days ago I accidentally stepped on her for the first time. She isn't injured, she just now doesn't seem to trust me.

Immeadiately after I stepped on her, she would stand on her hind legs and scratch my hands and hiss. I let her be for a little while and then slowly started trying to interact with her.

I would sit on the floor and let her come to me. Things were going well, she would come up to me and let me pet her, she would lick me and hop on my lap. Then today, I came home from work and let her out of her cage, and she was immediately not happy with me.

She would jump frightened the two times I attempted to reach out slowly and pet her. Then she finally came to me and was licking my hand, I wasnt moving it, and then she all of the sudden hissed and scratched me.

Not sure what to make of this. I know she needs to retrust me, but how do I gain her trust back and how long does it usually take? Is this normal behavior? Will this last forever?

i would really appreciate any advice!

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