Rabbit Chews Through Cable Protectors, Help!!

by Rai
(WA state)

My rabbit needs to be able to free roam in my room, but bunny proofing it has seemed impossible. She is desperate to chew all my cords and cables, and what's worse is that most of them can't be grouped together.

Ideally I was going to buy flex tubing for all of them, but once I had put some on she loved chewing them so much I had to pull her off several times! She also doesn't seem deterred by smells or tastes that other rabbits are (she actually licks at the vinegar I use to clean up her accidents).

I feel like I'm out of options, since I can't use floor or wall cable protectors, or anything else that would group the cords in a tidy way. I've thought about metallic circuit covers, but their weight would damage my devices and honestly look terrible.

Does anyone know a cable protector material that rabbits can't chew through? Anyone have luck with polyester-braid or PVC tubing?

Thanks for any help

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