Rabbit behaviour, help please!

Our 8 month old rabbits share a hutch and have always got on very well, even washing each other. Recently one has started thumping her back leg and making a strange clicking noise with her tongue.
Sometimes she lunges at the other rabbit or jumps onto her and tries to bite her. She has pulled out a few bits of fur in doing this.
Don't know if spaying would help but we're reluctant to do this as the mother rabbit died under anaesthetic.
Any ideas what may be causing this behaviour and what action we should take, if any?

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Aug 11, 2014
Please help
by: Rebecca

I had 2 5 month old sister rabbits and one of them just died recently the vets isn't sure at this moment why either heart or stress, but the one that is still alive is acting different. She's hiding all the time when someone goes to the cage she starts running around in a circle ones she is done she stomps her back legs and moves her head a bit like a chicken, she won't eat her food although I have seen her eat bait of hay and a treat, this is very unlike her she's normal friendly and always comes to you, I'm just scared I don't want to loose both of them, hope someone can help thanks.

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