Problem with new pet rabbits- help! please

by Jessica

Hi everyone

I took 2 rabbits from someone who was trying to re-home them, apparently they used to belong to someone else and I was told they are a bonded pair, both neutered/spayed.

I brought them home and I got them a 2 story hutch and they live on my covered back porch. They lived peacefully together for 2 weeks and they were great. Then one day I saw the male on the females back and less then a minute later he was on and off again and again and again.

I actually didn't know they still had the desire to do that if they had been neutered and it wouldn't be a problem if it was something he did once or twice a day but. he won't leave her alone!

She is kind of getting annoyed and I am too! After full day of it and seeing the female starting to nip and him (I assume she was so annoyed that he wouldn't leave her alone) I decided this was a problem if it continued.

I contacted the lady I got them from and she said "I'd seen him do it now and then"

I started keeping him in a separate cage during the day because he wouldn't leave her alone, but at night I would put him back in with her because the other cage I didn't feel was secure enough to protect him from the raccoons I see often at night. But in the morning he was constantly on her back until I would move him to the other cage.

I don't want 2 different rabbit cages to take care of, the big 2 story one is plenty for me,

The lady I got the rabbits from tried to contact the previous owners to make sure the male was neutered but she wasn't able to get any information from them. Obviously one of them has been fixed otherwise the previous owned would have found babies.

I just want them to be together and him to leave her alone, like he did for the 2 weeks they first got here.

I need some advice from people who know about rabbits. What made him turn into a sex crazed maniac after living peacefully for 2 weeks and before that two weeks he only did it "now and then". What can I do?

Help please

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