Post Operative Care for Rabbits
for spayed/neutered rabbits

Here are some general post operative care notes for the good recovery of spayed/neutered rabbits. Obviously after any operation your vet should have given you more specific information and of course with different operational procedures there can be varying post operative care, but in the absence of that, here is a general care guide for rabbits after such operations.

  • The rabbit may be given food and water as normal
  • Keep your rabbit indoors overnight. Ensure the rabbit is warm (but not hot). If your rabbit is elderly or it is particularly cold outside, it may be necessary to keep him/her indoors for a longer period during recovery.
  • Offer your rabbit a bowl of water, even if a water bottle is usually used. Your rabbit needs to drink after surgery, but often won't do so if he/she has to 'work' for their water. They will recover quicker if they are well hydrated.
  • If your rabbit is reluctant to eat after surgery, offer a favourite treat.
  • If your rabbit has not eaten ANYTHING within 24 hours of surgery, contact the surgery.

Immediate post operative care

  • Monitor the output of faecal pellets closely. If faecal output slows or stops after surgery, your rabbit may be suffering from gut stasis due to the stress of the surgery, especially if the rabbit was unwell to begin with.
  • Keep the rabbit quiet for a few days after surgery but do try to maintain normal feeding and habits as much as possible. Familiarity will help reduce stress.
  • Check any surgical wounds several times daily.
  • Some stitches are placed under the skin to prevent irritation but if your rabbit has external stitches ensure the rabbit does not chew at them.
  • Check with your vet when stitches are to be removed or if the rabbit needs to be taken back to the vets for checks on the stitches.
  • Cleanliness is essential to encourage good healing, Ensure the rabbits accommodation is cleaned regularly. Even during good/normal conditions it is best to change the rabbits bedding daily and during a rabbits recovery this should the case, though do take care not to disturb the rabbit too much.
  • Keep a constant check on the condition and movement/behaviour of the rabbit and seek professional help and advice if you feel there is any concern.

Please note that males may have viable sperm for 4 to 6 weeks post neutering, so do not place your male rabbit with an intact female until a minimum of four weeks after the neuter surgery.

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