Possessive rabbit

by Megan
(England )

I have an unneutered male house rabbit who is approximately 19 weeks old.

Over the past couple of days he has started becoming possessive.

He has stopped me from petting my other animals by head butting my hand away from them, he snatches things away from you and doesn't let go easily, and he has become quite disobedient- he has stopped been litter trained and has started chewing things that he never used to (such as paper pads and bags). He constantly licks people when they go near him but he has now started giving the odd nibble too (he is yet to give anyone a proper bite).

I was wondering if this is his hormones kicking in and if neutering him would help control his behaviour?

He is my second rabbit, but he is my first house rabbit and my first larger pet (I am 17) that is my responsibility.

I am doing an animal management course at the moment and I have lived with house pets since I was born. I ensure that he has the correct living conditions etc. so this behaviour isn't down to the incorrect environment.

Any advice on this behaviour would be greatly appreciated as I haven't seen this behaviour before in my last rabbit (he was an outside bunny) or in the animals that I work with through my course. Thank you :-)

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