Poor rabbit behaviour

by Bec

I foster rabbits in my area and need a little advice on a 2year old Netherland Dwarf doe.
She's yet to be spayed on the 8th Jan but has a few issues I'm finding hard to help settle. I'm not sure if spaying will help the behaviour problems.

Number 1-
DIGGING: 'Betty' digs when on your lap continually and when you try to touch her or move her to distract the behaviour she grunts, lunges and (not recently) has bitten. What can I do to help avoid this behavior?
Not only on your lap but after being held or touched she goes into her sleeping area or litter tray and digs and throws it all out, even her favorite toy!
What can I do for her? I can't not handle her as that's why I have her- to socialize her.

Number 2- Grunting and lunging. She does this mainly in her smaller cage, when your not even touching her she lunges or attacks with claws to your hand.
I have to feed and water plus clean and touch her but my family have been harmed and therefore no longer will help me get used to touch.
What do you suggest?

Betty isn't a bad rabbit and i've had her about a month now and when inside shes a whole different bunny-but I cant house inside my family home.
Shes confident, alert and will do her own thing or seek attention normally.
I want to know how I can transition this to outside too.
Thank you,

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Jun 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

thats exactly the same as me my two male rabbits are netherland dwarfs and their tiny and they do the same thing not sure if this would help good luck :)

Mar 19, 2014
Maybe she doesn't have a problem
by: Rabbit Lover

I, honestly, have no clue. Sorry. But I can tell you, that sometimes, when you are massaging, grooming, or petting rabbits, they may dig or lick anything available to them. But for the grunting, I have no idea. Sorry.

Jan 11, 2014
poor rabbit's behaviour
by: Anonymous

The digging is natural and not sure any spaying will alter that too much. Digging can mean different things, wants to get away from where she is, bored etc
It's is the lunging forward and attempting to warn you off I would be more concerned with.
If this behaviour does not moderate, then it may be something you have to live with.
We use to have a rabbit, called him 'Brian' and in spite of all attempts we could not correct his behaviour or introduce him to others. He was just a difficult rabbit and in the end we had to accept that, and he lived alone.It's the way it is sometimes. The good news is that although he lived alone with just us ( we had 3 other rabbits at the time) he seemed very content.

Jan 09, 2014
Im Bettys Foster Perent
by: Bec

Ok, so betty was desexed yesterday and grunts a lot less but still digs like I had said.
Any suggestions would help.

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