planning my rabbit house, tell me what you think !

by benji

Im at the very start of building a new rabbit house.
My plan is to build my own shed. Its sole purpose is to keep rabbits, chipmunks and possibly guinea pigs.
Lets forget about the chipmunks for now.

With the space i have in the shed im looking at a 3 story hutch of about 4 foot in length.

Ground floor will be 1 sleeping area and a shallow ramp to 1st floor.
1st floor will also have 1 sleeping area with shallow ramp to 2nd floor.
2nd floor will have 2 sleeping areas.

I have room to make it quite deep. Say 2/3 feet.
The ground floor will also have access to a permanent outside run, which will be on patio slabs.

The shed itself will be double skinned. Im looking at insulation(bubble wrap ?) as well which i intend to put in the cavity.

I will also run electric into the shed for lighting/heating.

I have in mind 3 dwarf rabbits and 2 guinea pigs....or 4 dwarf rabbits.

All the bunnies will obviously have access to all levels and each others sleeping quaters...will this be a problem ?..and the piggies if we go down that route.

Unsure on the dimensions of the outside run yet. But will be aprox 2/3ft by 4/5ft.

Looking for any hints/tips.....or please please please DO tell me off if ive got it all wrong !

So far iv just cleared and levelled the ground ready to patio it, so nows the time to know if i need a rethink !

Thanks everyone

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