New Lionhead mama! Two questions!

by Alli
(Louisville KY)

Hello all, first time rabbit/Lionhead owner here!
My sweet girl, Sur, is about 3 months old, we adopted her one week ago and she has literally brought thousands of laughs to me and my boyfriend- she’s got such a playful personality!

Now, I mainly have two questions.
One, any tips on litter box training? We keep her in a crate when we aren’t home with a small litter box in there, we leave her food and hay sitting on it to help with keeping poop and pee in it. We also have two puppy pads in corners she tends to go a lot in outside the crate. We want her to always and only use the one in her crate so we don’t constantly have to have puppy pads throughout the house!
Two, we have a dark velvetish material couch, EVERY TIME she jumps on it she pees and poops like constantly! I hate to ban her from the couch but she’ll ruin it treating it the way she does! She doesn’t do this in our rugs or floor (she’s really good about using her puppy pads). I was wondering why the couch triggers her bowels to go hay wire!!!!??

Thank you in adavance!!

Note from Rabbitmatters; There is a page on our/this site concerning litter training rabbits

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Nov 22, 2017
Poop Boxes NEW
by: Lee

Congrats on your first Lion Head Lop. I have 5 the mother and her four babies. Mommy is 2 1/2 and the babies are 2. Sorry to say I lost my Rosie, she was alright in the morning and later I went into their room and she had died! she showed no sighs of being sick. I have two poop boxes and changed them every other day but they still poop when they walk. They have their own bedroom and run free. They have lots of fun playing. They have very sensitive stomachs and it can shut down very fast and they get freighted very easy and can die. Enjoy your baby bunny. Study up on what to feed them, it is very important . . My Best to you

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