New flemish giant

by thomas steel
(new orleans la)


We just got our new Flemish giant. It's a 3 month old white male with some speckled sandy color mixed in . We plan to keep it as a house bunny.

So far I am really impressed with it's temperament. My little girl named it fe fe lol.

Even the first day he let me pick him up, and lets all of us pet him with no problem. We saved it from somebody that was about to butcher it. That's a hard sell buy my bunny or I'm going to eat it.
The owner was just feeding hay and clover. It hasn't wanted to eat any pellets yet after 2 days.
He's going to the bathroom, and drinking water. But, hasn't seemed to eat any timothy hay or pellets yet.
The only thing he will eat is Roman lettuce right from your hand and a long peace of celery.
How long till you worry about them not eating the hay and pellets?
Help please!

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Nov 03, 2015
by: Brooke

A rabbits diet should consist of fresh grass, hay which has plenty of fibre in it and if you choose to offer pellets, just a 1/2 cup per day maximum if you have a flemish giant. This can be supplemented with treats such as carrots. He will love a bit of celery, but use lettuce sparingly. My rabbits love it too, but in excess it can give your bunny diarrhoea and make him sick. If it is not on offer, he will head for the hay / pellets. A big bunny for indoors. They can be really friendly bunnies and good with kids providing you get him spayed. Keep him away from electrical cords and provide some willow or other safe wood for him to chew on or he will start eating the furniture or your skirting boards. An outdoor run might be a good idea too.

Nov 04, 2014
do you have a garden?
by: Rowena

I have jad rabbits for 30 years & never fed any of them pellets or hay (although they have hay in their beds), they get 90% fresh green weeds from our garden, and all our fruit & veg peels, scraps or cores (they love sweet potato peel). Nutritious weeds incl milk thistle, dandelion, doc, clover, plantain, crows foot, marshmellow, and they get a lot of coarse grass (kikuyu is the main grass that is grown for lawn where we live in Victoria, Australia). Try researching the weeds that grow in your area - weeds usually have medicinal or nutritional value, that's why ppl started growing them! Leaves and twigs from fruit trees are good too - one of our 4 week old kits ate some new kaffir lime leaves today (i wasn't too impressed with him but that's what happens when you let them free-range!). In winter we also give them a tbs of rolled oats or mixed grains incl barley, sorgham, canola, sunflower, wheat etc, which we buy as bird seed (you just have to check it doesn't have shell grit in it).

Aug 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

Lettuce can be toxic to rabbits.
Buy your pellets from a feed store, not the grocery store. You'll get a better quality and pay far less per pound. I use Purina and Manna Pro.
You can also purchase electrolytes at the same place. It's usually made for poultry. It goes in the water and helps with stress (change in food, weather environment, ect.) and appetite.
Good old grass clippings are great. Start with a hand full and work up to full feed so they don't get diarrhea.
Apples, bananas, grapes,raw sun flower seeds, carrots,(fresh or dried) ect, in moderation.
Try cheerios. They love them.
They should have as much hay as they want. Eventually they'll start eating it.
Good luck.

Aug 06, 2014
by: TriciaS

They do say not to feed rabbits lettuce, mine loves them but will only give her a small piece occaisionally

Jun 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Honestly, he should be eating hay and pellets before lettuce and celery. I just leave both of those things inside my rabbits cage and she takes them when she wants to.

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