New baby rabbits and not sure what breed.

by Monica

Ok, so I just got these 2 adorable baby bunnies and we don't really know what breed they are. And I'm just curious to know. All we know is they're adorable:) Ok now some facts about them:
Bunny #1: White, 2 mo old, redish eyes,about 3 pounds,and super cute
Bunny#2:Brown, 2 mo old, brown eyes, about 3 pounds,and super cute
If you have any guess as to what the breed is or how big it will get please let me know.
Thanks. P.S oh and also if you know how to tell the gender please let me know.

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May 25, 2015
Facts NEW
by: Anonymous

Okay so I know the first bunny is an angora of some sort but please note it's maybe not because I forgot how to spell the breed so I think angora is a long hair breed haha it's just that I did have one of those rabbits

Genders: the only way to tell genders is to make sure you turn the rabbit upside down comfterbly with it's belly facing you. Then just press up top of the thing there and I'm being serious okay so please do this sensibley. When you press up top of the thing if it turns out to be long it is a boy if it's short and hardley even comes out you have a girl hope it was useful

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