Need Somebody To Litter Train - Willing to Pay For It - WANTED!

by Shabrina
(savannah, GA)

Hi, my name is Shabrina and I live in Savannah, GA. I have 4 rabbits. Previously I had only 1 rabbit but a month ago ( 24 May 2015 ) I adopted 3 rabbits. A bonded pair and a mini rex. I have no problem with my mini rex, she is very clean and has good litter skill. But the bonded pair ( lion head and dutch ) no matter how hard I try, seems like they never get it. I've been trying until now but no result. I sat with them for 3 hours, nobody pee or pooped, then I went to the bathroom for 5 mins, I came back with poop and pee all over. It's been like that since they move in. I don't like to see them in laundry room since I let my rabbit run around at home.
I need somebody that can help to train them and I am willing to pay for it. Please let me know if somebody can help it.

Please contact me :

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