Need help with growling bunny

by Donna

My gorgeous 12 week old bunny is really friendly and greets us at the hutch door when were approaching and loves coming in to play, but when I put my hand in her hutch and touch her bedding to sort it she growls and attacks me!! How do I sort this? Thanks

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Nov 03, 2015
It's mine and I like it just the way it is.
by: Brooke

Rabbits can be possessive and territorial. Your bunny has made herself at home. Don't be offended, she just doesn't want you messing around with her stuff. I usually let someone else hug bunny while I do what is necessary. My British giant gave me a slap on the wrist once because I was cleaning up a tipped up bowl of her pellets. Try to put things back in their place and she won't know the difference (we hope).

Sep 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks:). She is doing well and we have been ignoring her if she does this. I've also tried not to touch bowls and things in her hutch unless I have to:)

Sep 01, 2013
possessive maybe
by: Emily

I don't know why rabbits do this but I found my little girl did this for a while I just ignored her a got on with what I was doing she stopped it as quickly as it started, I personally think it has something to do with being possessive as my rabbit can get funny with you when you touch or move things in her cage, maybe this is the same with yours, if this is the case I find that if you do your best to limit how much you move and only do when necessary and ignore the attacks and growls it should stop, at least it did for me, hope this helps and good luck

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