My Two House Rabbits

'Bunnyhead' (not his original name) is a 1&1/2 year-old buck. He came to us (my yellow lab Maizy & I) at 4 months old. He's a Lionhead mix, chinchilla coloring. He is a 'proven' Daddy, having 2 litters (both
'oops' one's) with my Doe. Read on.
'Momma' (also not her original name.) I picked out of a litter at ~ 5 weeks of age-I don't recommend separating babies from their mums that young but I wasn't as rabbit-savvy then. She is a New Zealand/Creme D'Argenne mix, is ~ 9 lbs now, aged 10 months.

My first rabbit was 'Roger Rabbit', who came to me one Easter eve 5 years ago. He was a 'rescue bunny'-I found him at a pet store where he'd been brought after being raised for meat amongst a mix of rabbits. He was a Broken Holland Lop mix. Very sweet, very fact that's the main reason Roger came to be with us; I knew I could give him the TLC he needed.

After 4 great years, Roger passed from cancer. ;( A rough time for me. However, that is what having animal companions is about. I like to think Roger Rabbit had a good life, getting lots of love from my Maizy n I and having the run of the house- he litterbox-trained himself-and time outside to run, all the hay he wanted, pellets and treats too. I was devastated when my wonderful vet Dr Lucy and I euthanized Roger...but that's life.

And that's how Bunnyhead came to me. He was a rebound bunny, but we've established a great rapport and I love this little crazy/energetic/intelligent
Lionhead mix bun!

More later.

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