My rabbits eating my wallpaper help!

by Nicole
(Brooklyn ny)

My dwarf bunny does not live in a cage, he lives in a hallway area that is closed off with a baby gate. He has his cardboard house and lots of rabbit safe chew toys but he still continues to eat my wall paper. When I am home I tell him not to bite and that will help for a few minutes or I will give him a squirt with the water bottle. What could I do to stop it when I'm not home?

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Sep 11, 2015
why rabbits eat walpaper
by: jacqueline

Rabbits left in the house can strip off pieces of wallpaper when it is a little unglued in a spot, coming loose. They do this to tree bark in the wild, apparently!

Sep 11, 2015
why rabbits like wallpaper
by: Anonymous

My daughter who is a vet, told me the likely reason why my rabbit was stripping my wallpaper when he found a little loose piece near the bottom -
Apparently that rabbits do that to the bark of trees! so it is a natural "in the wild" behavior..I removed all my wallpaper and painted the walls.

Nov 10, 2013
response to both
by: Anonymous

Be careful about spading/neutering rabbits as they can change in character completely. I have a boy, he showed no signs of peeing around the place or aggressiveness, so I haven't had him done at all. My friend had to get her female rabbit done as the girl was really hypo and pulling out her though, she just stares at her reflection all day and does not move about much.
As for the wall paper, someone told me to put vix on it to put him off...not yet tried it but may check it out on the net first- don't want to harm him .

Apr 15, 2013
Eating wallpaper
by: Anonymous

You could try putting puppy panels round the walls up to at least 2 foot above where your rabbit could reach. Also rabbits are very social animals and often do well with another rabbit (introduced on neutral territory). Both rabbits would need to be neutered/spayed which is beneficial to them for health reasons too. Best of luck.

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