My Rabbit Midnight

by Tiffany


My name is Tiffany and I am a 1st time rabbit owner who needs help for my rabbit and I don't know very much about rabbits, but here is a pic of my rabbit.

If anyone has any good tips on how to start out, please let me know

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Sep 09, 2018
Perfect NEW
by: caitlyn

Its great learning new things that you can learn about you pet thank you so much

Jan 19, 2015
Cats and dogs NEW
by: Melanie evans

Some cats an dogs are friendly but not all the time if you have a cat or dog introduse them to each other very slowley and take time if the cat hisses or if the dog barks and they start to react put you rabbit in a safe room were she can be safe and alone with you in your room with her hutch is a greate place make sure doors are closed so no cat or dog can get in.

Ok so your first rabbit will need to be cleaned out after 3 or 4 days so that your cage will smell fine and no stink you also need a clean batch of feed like seed needs changing when it gets wet or is gone water must be filled to max even in really hot days. If a cold starts and if your rabbit is a outdoor pet you must take him inside otherwise she or he could get very cold and sick. If your not aloud to take her inside put a hot water bottle in a towl and put it under the straw or bedding to keep her warm

Rabbits love space were they can explore and play if your rabbit is a indoor pet let him/her run around your room remember that you must pick up after him have a dustbroom and dust shovel for that and let her/him explore the new area watch as he/her runs around changing direshions in the air and going flat out this is good to keep her/him nice and fit

Everyone even you no that love and attenshion is very important cuddle and stroke him/her and also groom and find a few things that your rabbit could chew or play with also have a safe run outside >this is called a run because its a big pen were your rabbits can fill the grass on there feet and play in fresh air<

I hope this helps for your new start
From Melanie evans

Oct 23, 2014
love it NEW
by: Anonymous

U are awesome great picture

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