My Mini Rex Temperament

by Shae
(Tauranga, NZ)

Hi Everyone!

So my poor flemish ended up passing away and my flatmate ended up buying me a new rabbit. I have a Mini Rex called Nacho and he is 10 weeks old this week.

His temperament - I've read up on his breed and apparently this breed is supposed to be a great starting breed if you've never had rabbits before, they're supposed to be friendly as! My mini rex has been very anxious ..

He sits in the corner of his cage with his legs in so I can't pick him up, and when I have him in my arms he doesn't want to be near me. We also have a mini lop the same age as him and he ended up doing the 'dominating dance' so to speak..he also isn't neutered.

He has scratched me, he's been unloving and basically just wants to be left alone. Could be a combination of the breeder not handling him all the time so he isn't used to people and the fact that he isn't neutered and is trying to be dominant. He just displays very anxious behaviour.

Could anybody give me any tips on how to increase the mood on my mini rex. I'm handling him everyday!

Thanks heaps!

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