My Dwarf lopped has just died - until then was very healthy

by casey

Hi everyone
My Dwarf Lopp (Chunky) has died . He was 4 years old and very healthy. He had the run of the garden for at least 4 hrs per day (fresh grass etc.) more at weekends.

He started acting different on Tuesday and I noticed he went and "hid" in his bedroom late evening- which he normally never used.
Next morning, he was in same place and hadn't eaten any food and didn't want to hop about in the garden. Later that night he seemed to perk up a bit.

Following day seemed Ok 'ish but a little sheepish. last night he wet himself when my daughter picked him up. but he had been having a little munch. This morning at 4.30am he was dead in his hutch. He was absolutely perfect in every way. I cant help but think he may of been poisoned or something?

He had recently stripped down a medium sized Hebe Shrub and had been eating the bark. can anyone offer any advise or sense on this? Really baffled and of course devastated, he was so lovely and tame and real little gem.

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