My Bunny is a Mess!

by Rebecca
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Hi everyone

I just got a new lionhead rabbit one week ago. She's only 8 weeks old. I love her! She is the sweetest bunny. She is the messiest thing in the world, however!

I've been trying so hard to litter train her, and she does use the litter box pretty often, but she also doesn't use the litter box pretty often. I feel like every 2-3 days I have to completely clean her cage!!!! To make it easier, I lined the bottom of her cage with unprinted newspapers, so I can scoop everything up without wiping down the whole cage, but she loves digging for the paper and shredding it up!

Please, any advice on litter training, and how to make the cleaning process easier. I want to let her have some free time hopping around my room, but I can't get her to use the litter box enough to trust her to have play time in my room!

I will not buy her a new cage with a removable bottom. My hopes is that I can get her consistent with litter training, and I feel like the wires in that kind of cage would hurt their feet. She has a fantastic, huge Living World cage right now

Thanks for any help

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