My 8 buns

Hi I have 8 rabbits who are all loved dearly, during the period of having them I have learned so much things that pet shops don't tell you when they sell them to you.

So firstly rabbits should live in pairs or groups as they get very lonely on their own all day also if they are stuck in a single hutch or even a double hutch all day that would be terrible I won't say why they were kept in hutches years ago as not very nice but what I will say is when you see wild rabbits out they cover large areas and have plenty of exercise so a hutch and little run is not enough.

Also to extend your rabbits life maybe even double it you should get your rabbit spayed or neutered also this helps in keeping the rabbit calmer, reduces fights and unwanted pregnancies. My girl went a bit nuts until she was spayed.And lastly rabbits should have constant access to hay as it helps dental and their digestive system. If a rabbit stops grazing for too long their digestive system stops and they find it hard to start it back up again.

I hope this has helped any new parents as I would have liked to be armed with this information straight away when I had my buns.

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