Mini lop rabbit 2nd litter of stillborn kits

by Dani
(USA )


I have a mini lop doe rabbit who just kindled two stillborn kits. She also did the same with the previous owner. So she has only been pregnant twice and kindled 2-3 stillborn both times - no live babies.

She built the nest fine and pulled plenty of fur. Do you think she has a chance of birthing live babies if I breed her again or should I stop trying?

Any advice please

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Apr 01, 2021
Re: Mini lop rabbit 2nd litter of stillborn kits
by: Sam K

Bless her!
Personally i would stop trying. It is very disturbing for rabbits to go through the pregnancy and have no kits to care for. It may seem that she copes ok, but she will be hiding an enormous amount of stress.
I wouldnt feel it fair on her to try again.
I recommend you have her spayed and keep her as a companion rabbit. Leaving her unspayed will cause equal amounts of stress as she will go through phantom pregnancies.
I know alot of "breeders" do not keep their rabbits if they cannot re-produce, and have them p.t.s :/
Hopefully you wont do that, she will live a happy fullfilled life once she is spayed and with another sterile companion :)

(Rabbits need at least 44 square feet of space to roam.. a shed, hutch with run setup)

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