mate for my rabbit

I have a dwarf lop-eared male, 5yrs old, he and my guinea pig are seperated, but can see each other.

My rabbit lays next to his hutch looking at him, my guinea pig is shy and nervous so doesnt run around much.

I have been offered an 18mth old male dwarf lop-eared and wondered if they would they get on together if i introduced them slowly?

Thx Julie

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Jun 28, 2018
Cuuuuteeeee NEW

I have a dwarf bunny too! They're sooooo adorable!!!

Aug 22, 2015
they will more than likely fight
by: jackie

I would say dont attempt it 2 males are difficult to bond in general rabbit bonding is a very delicate process. but if you put 2 males together they will fight to the death. its more possible if they are both neutered but again still very difficult.

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