Loxamina's Breed

by Beth

My baby female just hit 6 months old and weighs 3.75 pounds. She is mainly white with black eyeliner, black ears, two tiny spots of black on her back and (to my surprise) a light tan color on the bottoms of her feet. I have no idea if that's typical or not as she is my first bunny. Her fur is also extremely soft

She is an extraordinarily happy little one who loves to run and binky all the time and has an insane memory and intelligence. She also LOVES to be pet.

The pet store I got her from says she's likely a mix of two different rabbits (they guessed a mix because of her ears), but I don't remember what breeds they said she might be.

It isn't absolutely imperative that I know what breed(s) she is, but I'm just curious and I haven't really found an answer online. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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