Lions head rabbit living wild

by Terri Fallis
(Tulsa, OK)


I have a lionshead rabbit living wild and comes into my yard to eat. I discovered it this past winter. First, I did not know what kind of rabbit it is. Did some googling, thanks google, and started feeding it Timothy grass though it prefers the grass that grew and remained green all winter in my back yard

I have been concerned for it since we had a very bad wet cold winter. I found some prairy grass bales and broke one up for it to possibly use for its shelter.

I don't want to say more in that regard because I have a crazy neighbor who has been trying to catch it. Even breaking through my privacy fence. They eat any kind of rabbit and other animals they can raise. I feel sorry for the poor thing.

It looked pretty bad this winter. That long fur looked ratty. I have kept fresh water, pellets and timothy grass for it near its shelter but it will not let me near it. The crazy neighbor has done a good job of scaring, chasing and whatever. I got that info from another neighbor. My fence has been broken into and I have been mending it

I have dogs so I send an alarm by knocking my storm door before I let the fogs put in case its in my yard. It runs to the hole in my fence I have left open for it. I would like to do more but it won't let me get near it. Any suggestions are appreciated. But not scaring it either.

My crazy neighbor may or may not read this web page. I am not going to help him turn this baby onto a meal, thus not giving some facts on its shelter. Stupid people,only this person is scary and yes they have been reported to the police for things. Any help for this baby would be appreciated. I will try to take some pictures. It is most active late at note when it feels safe but that is a false safety. We have a lot of animals that should be living in the wild here in midtown.

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